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GameSupport is the only support system where your players are the main focus. Developed by two seasoned game studios, we know exactly what you need to provide a better customer support experience.

Getting started

We’re honored to be in a position where we can help you redefine player support and define a new standard for satisfaction in the game industry.

Setting up your organization and project

After approval, our team will reach out with your details on getting started. This includes your studio URL, and a one-time password for your admin account. You will be forced to change this password on login — this is for your and our security.

Once you’ve found your way in, it’s time to begin shaping your workspace. To start off, we’re making an important distinction: your organization is your business, and a project can be any of your games. This separation exists because studios commonly have multiple titles, where certain agents are more fit to help out with particular projects.